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Meet Bradley Beacon, Prof. Marv and Penny Patrini, our three savvy AI political consultants.

Each AI Personality incorporates real-time data analysis, nuanced understanding of voter sentiment, unbiased policy evaluation and it's own brand of humor. They try to provide factually accurate opinion on the Jefferson County August 6th primary elections. Our hope is to engage the electorate, make politics fun again, and get out the vote! 

Each conversation begins with three basic questions to create context.

Bradley Beacon : our positive voice on Jeffco. politics, with an accent. 

Professor Marv :  our civics professor, scholarly and a little dry.

Penny Patrini : our sassy cheer leader, do ask her for a date?

The Model behind each AI Assistant is GPT 4o. This has been contextually extended to define the following: i) the three County Council seats ii) the five MO House seats iii) the one MO Senate seat iv) top county issues. Please "tell" an AI if there are gaps in it's knowledge or you think it's answer is lacking. They can learn with a little help!  

Each AI has been extended to include a "little" personality.  

Click this link to chat with one of our Jeffco. Political AI's ==>

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