MOTION to Continue Trial by USA as to Donald J. Trump

The government has received and reviewed the Court’s Omnibus Order Setting Trial Date and Establishing Pretrial Instructions and Sentencing Procedures (ECF No. 28). For the reasons discussed below, the government files this motion to continue the trial date to December 11, 2023,and to propose the associated intervening deadlines discussed below ...

Extract from motion below!
5. However, the case does involve classified information and will necessitate defense counsel obtaining the requisite security clearances. As the Court is aware, that process is already underway. According to the Litigation Support Group, decisions on interim clearances for defense counsel can and should be made within 48 hours of submission of the relevant forms. Ex. A ¶ 4. Interim clearances will enable counsel to review the vast majority of classified discovery. Id.

¶ 5. The decision on granting the final clearance required to allow counsel’s review of the remaining small number of classified documents is estimated to occur within 45 to 60 days of form submission.

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