MOTION to Intervene and Oppose the Government's Motion to File Witness List Under Seal by:

WP Company LLC, TEGNA Inc., Reuters News & Media Inc., POLITICO LLC, The New York Times Company, NBC Universal Media, LLC, National Public Radio, Inc., Los Angeles Times Communications LLC, Gray Media Groups, Inc., The E.W. Scripps Company, Dow Jones & Company, Inc., Cox Enterprises, Inc., CBS Broadcasting, Inc., Bloomberg L.P., The Associated Press, American Broadcasting Companies, Inc., Advance Publications, Inc., Cable News Networks, Inc., CMG Media

PAPERLESS ORDER denying without prejudice 33 Government's Motion to Implement Special Condition of Release.

The Government seeks an order implementing a special condition of bond related to Defendants' communication with eighty-four listed witnesses about the facts of the case, except through counsel [ECF No. 17 p. 4]. The Government conditions its request on the filing of the non-exhaustive list under seal. Defendants take no position on the Government's seal request but reserve the right to object to the special condition and the manner by which the Government intends to implement it. In the meantime, numerous news organizations have moved to intervene to oppose the Government's Motion to File Witness List Under Seal, citing the First Amendment and related legal principles 35 . Upon review of the foregoing materials, the Government's Motion 33 is denied without prejudice, and the Motion to Intervene 35 and accompanying Motions to Appear Pro Hac Vice 36 37 38 39 are denied as moot. The Government's Motion does not explain why filing the list with the Court is necessary; it does not offer a particularized basis to justify sealing the list from public view; it does not explain why partial sealing, redaction, or means other than sealing are unavailable or unsatisfactory; and it does not specify the duration of any proposed seal. See S.D. Fla. L.R. 5.4(a), (c)(1). The Clerk is directed to return the Pro Hac Vice fees to the filing attorneys. Signed by Judge Aileen M. Cannon on 6/26/2023.

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