There I was, having breakfast at the Hilton Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey, Saturday March 11th, when a young mum and a group of teenage ladies dressed in soccer gear came in for breakfast. I could not resist and asked,  "when is your game?" - and in the ensuing conversation with this caring mum and coach : "C" is 4 Mission was born.

I flew to New Jersey, then drove with a colleague to Cranston Rhode Island, to meet with Presidential candidate Steve Laffey to discuss his bid for the Republican primary election. What did Restore the "C" in Conservative actually mean? Why Mission, Civility and Constitution. Was he a doer of the word? Could I discern if Steve was a disciple of Jesus, having the humility, qualifications and experience that God might direct to serve humanity as leader of the developed world.

I believe we can know a persons heart by testing the fruit of their life and listening carefully to what they say!

I am a recovery minister. I work with veterans and parents who have lost a child, and especially if it is to cancer. Each morning, coffee in hand, Mary and I begin the day with a reading from God's word, followed by a time of prayer.

And on most days, because He lives, I do muddle my way out of the depressing darkness of grief and into His light where there is hope and purpose.

If I look at a dollar bill I see, "In God we trust."

When we examine our leaders, surely we should see Grace? If we are One Nation under God, surely we must elect leaders who love God, and reflect God's love to others?


James Chapter 3:9 With the tongue we praise our Lord and Father, and with it we curse human beings, who have been made in God’s likeness. 10 Out of the same mouth come praise and cursing. My brothers and sisters, this should not be.

We all know why James Chapter 3 is not taught in our schools. We have become hardened by the daily onslaught of social media, cable news and television where words are used like swords in demonic battle. When we will learn to speak as James directs? Where and with whom are we to do this? What is the standard? How will we learn it? And if we do not turn away from this sin, how can we ask God to heal our land?

God promises that He will heal our land. But only if we confess our sin and turn back to Him. There is no greater time in our history for those who love God to educate our people on what exactly civil speech that follows our constitution actually is.

If we do this, God will quicken His people to vote the right people. Leaders who will be guided by God to love every American citizen independent of their political party, race, sex, color or whatever struggle they might battle.

Leaders elected for these qualities are equipped for the Mission: will speak with Civility: and will follow the Constitution.  We pray for God's Grace, that we can rise up and be the great nation He has called us to be. To the soccer mum, thank you for reminding me of the example you need from our leaders to inspire your daughter and her generation.

We hope that we can persuade you of how important it is to restore radical decency to our political discourse!

Please join us for we have some learning to do!

Get Smart about Politics™