Democracy Indicted

What Is the Constitutional, Civil and Right Way for a Conservative Leader to Respond to the Indictment of President Trump? ( March 30th 2023)

President Trump is the first former president to formally be indicted on criminal charges in the history of America.

We do not know the facts, but if this allegation is in any way motivated by the weaponizing of a government institution we should respond with the full authority of the powers granted to us under our constitution.

As President, I would focus on allowing the judicial branch to do the work that the law demands without political interference.

The grace of presumed innocence,  written into the fabric of our laws, should be provided to President Trump, in our thoughts, our words and the actions we take.

There is a growing distrust in our country, of both our institutions and our elected officials. I call upon all fellow Americans for calm and balance, and an understanding that this case may take a while for the facts to be established and a verdict handed down. And it will probably be appealed all the way to the Supreme Court. President Biden, the current administration and all presidential candidates must work to pull our country together.

Although I am running for President against President Trump, here are my further thoughts:

1) I encourage our leaders to keep cool heads and accurately evaluate the facts.

2) There are complex legal issues being raised by NY State, which are different from the Department of Justice. I think we will be wise to keep state laws separate from federal laws.

3) In America, every person is innocent until proven guilty. Former President Trump deserves the full protection of the law, just like any citizen.

4) Our country has many pressing issues that I must focus on. To name a few, there are the matters of education, our failing economy, steadily rising inflation, foreign policy, China, the Middle East, immigration, and violent crime.

5) The New York District Attorney should not be emboldened by his recent win against the Trump organization.

6) For the best of our country, I hope that President Trump is found to be without fault.

7) We need a free press, even if its handling of facts can be annoying.

8) I hope that universities in this country will weather this next round of attacks on their integrity.

9) I believe that the Supreme Court’s decision on President Trump’s case will be fair and final.

10) It will take a steady hand to weather this storm.  

11) We should find similar points in our beliefs as we protect ourselves from the attacks toward our judicial system.

It is a true honor to be a part of this dialogue.

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