Our nation has devolved into a Tribal battle ground.

Tribes are emerging on just about every issue that can be imagined. The future of democracy, education, economy, interest rates, health, abortion, immigration and our foreign policy to list some that polls suggest are at the forefront of the debate.

The information driving the divides between us is coming for two sources.

From within: By American journalists, bloggers, and opinion leaders as the parties engage the electorate on who will be inaugurated as President on January 20th 2025, which party with control the Senate and the House and multiple local issues.

From without: By foreign actors, AI Bots and paid activists, mostly with harmful intent, as China, Russia, North Korea, Iran and others try to influence the most powerful Nation in the world, by sowing discourse and division within our people.

A healthy democracy is dependent on an informed electorate. The social media platforms, Twitter, Signal, Facebook, LinkedIn and Truth Social to list some of the market leaders has followed cable news and the mainstream media in their quest for money to significantly compromise its journalistic independence. CNN, and MSNBC write content that feeds the liberal expectations of their audiences.

Fox News, despite being requited to pay 787.5 million in damages, is ramping up their rhetoric the conservative side of the political divide.

NewsMax, OANN and Breitbart are plumbing new depths as the truths about election fraud and Trumps conduct emerge.

We sincerely believe that there are dark forces at the heart of much of the disinformation. But whatever it is, any look at the state of our Nation can only conclude that we are in the midst of a tribal information war that is going to rip us apart.

Our only defense is education on the facts.
And specifically, who we are and how we got here, our founders, framers and the constitution.

Monies are to fund on-line education about;

i) The Declaration of Independence
ii) The Constitution and it's Amendments
iii) The Federalist Papers

We can educate the electorate what : Separation of Church and State : for : One Nation under God : actually entails.

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We can end tribalism if we set aside our pride and learn the facts!

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