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If you watch Cable News, and by that I mean CNN, MSNBC and Fox News, you really would be challenged to discern the exact status of Covid 19 today. Which is strange considering that we are 8 weeks from an election where Covid 19, as it impacts our economy, our health and our lifestyle, will probably be the making or breaking of either candidate.

Considering the hyper partisan bias, so strongly influenced by advertiser revenues to their respective audiences, why am I surprised? And in fairness, if my peace of mind depended on the outcome of this election, rather than my trust in God, and a belief in Jesus for eternal life, who knows what alternate-facts and interpretations I might be writing?

We begin with two charts from the CDC ==> the # of infections and the # of deaths per day.

Total Infections: 7,129,313         Total Deaths: 204,598

Infections Jan. - Sept. 2020


Deaths Jan. - Sept. 2020


There are a # of facts illustrated by the above two charts when placed directly above each other.

The data/shape of the two graphs clearly illustrates:

1st: There is a "time lag" between the increase in infections and the increase deaths.
2nd: The death rate / 1000 infections reduces as time trends towards Sep. 7th 2020.
3rd: The increase in infections correlates to April 2020 when restrictions were relaxed.

The increase in new infections is being explained in three opposing ways:
1st: The increase in infections is 100% due to the increase in Covid 19 testing.
2nd: The increase in infections is 100% due to the increase in people who are infected.
3rd: The increase in infections is due to an increase in both testing and actual infections.

The reduction in deaths is being explained in three dimensions:
1st: The reduction in deaths is due to an improvement in medical practices & therapeutics.
2nd: The reduction in deaths is due to the more accurate count in number of infections.
3rd: The reduction in deaths is due to the most vulnerable having died in the earlier time.

09/15/2020: It is too early to tell if the labor day weekend results in an increase in cases.
10/20/2020: The projected increase in infections as a result of increased social interaction, schools opening and colder weather appears to be as expected.


We are going to refresh the images, review the explanations offered for the data and add to this editorial each week up until the election.

I have heard it said that Democrats are exploiting Covid 19 to detract from Presidents Trumps economic success and to make moral issue of his handling of the pandemic by exaggerating the number of deaths. I have heard it said the President Trump, blindsided by his hyper focus on the success of the economy and what the shut down has cost, failed to recognize the seriousness of this pandemic and is engaged in a monumental cover up. Neither position brings any joy!

I believe that Covid 19 is a National Health Issue. Every extra death is a tragedy. Every person whose life has been cut short, even if just by a few days, is a sad loss to humanity. And just because we lose people every day to addiction, drunk driving, murder and a multiple of other health conditions is no justification for these extra deaths. Americans, of every political persuasions, are not political cannon fodder. Votes that can be used as needed for one party to win.

This pandemic, however it was caused, however it gets used to sway this election, at whatever level of infection and death, and with whatever therapeutics and vaccinations emerge, will be something our next President will need to preside over. For four years at least. With wisdom, discernment and I pray with God's Grace.

Our hope is to offer some true facts as this troubling story unfolds! 

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