God Attitude

The President of the United States is the most powerful person in the free world. On leaving office, a past President will have lifelong influence, access to vast wealth and will take their place in the annals of history. No wonder that there are no bounds to the politics, tactics, rhetoric and monies spent by persons running for this highest office.

The conduct, despite many dark times in history, continues in its spiral dive for the moral bottom. The Citizens United decision in 2010 that eased campaign spending has aggravated the role of money. Each cycle produces more lies, more fear, more manipulation, more media and more dirty tactics. What was once taboo is now commonplace.

When will the quest for absolute power, and $'s it brings, get subjugated to core values this country was founded on?

The answer lies in our attitude. If we fear God, if we seek to follow Jesus, power and money will not tempt us. But if we do not know God. Or if we have turned our back on God, He will grant us what we ask; and allow us to reap our own harvest.

The traditional media has no interest in Godliness. It worships money! It has perfected the technique of asking "fear based" questions on what might happen ... A Trump win; a Clinton lose; place of birth; sharia law, economic collapse; guaranteed wealth; a socialist movement, riots if (insert your poison here) - leaving us ensnared in the tomorrow.

The political establishments of both parties have lost their way. On the Republican side; 8 years of an obstructionist political policy has gridlocked most meaningful progress. The establishment has stooped to false political smears and the questioning of leaders patriotism. On the Democratic side; 8 years of slow economic growth has encouraged expansion in socialist values. Judeo Christian values are at an all time low. The elite have continued to gain wealth; or do what they like with impunity. The middle class have slipped. Hope of a black President bringing unity and an end to racial tension is gone.

We have not said anything radical; or anything not accepted as fact by those seeking truth. Each of us has to determine where they stand on the central political issue; economics; immigration; national security; health care; or foreign policy.

We are asking that each of our readers examine their own attitude to politics?

i) To ask if they have been ensnared by the worlds values of money and power, or if they are seeking Jesus as a source of eternal wisdom and strength to stand firm against the ruler of this world. 

ii) To ask if God is allowing sin that His children are chastened, or if His will is for us to ignore false teaching, condone bitterness as a modern day necessity, and ignore a Pope who asks for bridges and not walls.

God has made each of us in His image. I am not the judge. I am equipped to remind anyone who can hear of what the Apostle Paul said, in particular, "test your faith, lest you be deceived."

The Israelites wanted a King; God allowed then to elect Saul. The Jewish people rejected the 10 commandments; God allowed their enemies to overcome them. The Jewish leaders wanted power; God allowed them to crucify Jesus.

Each one of us wants a President; I ask what attitude God requires; what attitude He will allow?

Get Smart about Politics™